This week has shown us a strength and true team commitment like no other. We’ve been pushed to a limit but now is the time to do the socially-responsible thing until the storm passes over. 

At the end of the day today (Wednesday 18th March) we are sending our Team home to be safe with their families. We are unsure how long this closure will be but we’re certain the Government have our best interests at heart, as we are ALL in this together. 

We will be keeping in touch with you via Social media posts and notices to our website. We’ll be contacting our future scheduled patients today to cancel appointments until further notice and will be informing patients to re-book as soon as we know when we can reopen. 

Let’s pray that this is a 2-week closure. But, mostly, lets be strong and vigilant and focused on the future. We cannot thank you enough for your support – we’re grateful and proud to serve our community beyond belief. 

With kindness, 
Dr Sean Hantke and your Team at East Meets West & SIX08 Health  

New Years’ Resolutions

New Years’ Resolutions

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